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What we offer

Our services include a complete examination of the foundation, basement, roof, attic, heating and water, electrical and plumbing systems, and the general condition of the structure.

We will look for poor construction and make note of any repairs that may be required. Importantly, we will note any fire and safety issues that need to be fixed.

Why choose us

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspectors provide a complete range of home inspection services to ensure you purchase or sell your home with confidence.

Our qualified, professional and dedicated inspectors do a thorough and complete inspection of homes and buildings.


“Amazing service, very timely and willing to be flexible when the job is urgent. Excellent reporting and a thorough explanation of all items in the report. Not to mention the ongoing assistance after the inspection has been done to answer any questions.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy, well priced and efficient service.”

A professional home inspection from A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections will help you gain awareness and valuable information about a home before purchase. The inspection will help determine whether or not this home meets all expectations, and it will lessen the risk of having to deal with unexpected defects in the home later on.

Seller Advantages

  • Helps to facilitate a faster sale for more money.

  • Provides purchasers with an unbiased third party opinion.

  • Helps to eliminate agreements falling through.

  • Raises your awareness of existing issues & reduces your liability with full disclosure.

  • Protects you from over inflated buyer estimates for any repair work needed.

It’s easy and affordable.

Our building reports are carried out by fully qualified home inspectors and have completed and passed over 400 hours of specialised home inspection training. Our qualified home inspectors will complete the inspection and provide you with a full written report including photographs detailing any issues found. You’ll want to ensure your investment is sound, by executing a thorough, professional home inspection.

Professional, Qualified, Insured. Providing you peace of mind.

Simply contact us to book your appointment 0800 86 36 36.

Dear Duane, just wanted to thank you for the thorough inspection of the house and for the quick turnaround in the reports that have enabled us to proceed smoothly on our house purchase. The report findings and your time and patience in going through the results with us enabled us to have the confidence and certainty of knowing exactly what was lacking and what needed to be done. We're glad to have engaged a building inspector who not just has experience in building but is also fully trained and qualified in building inspection, who could do all the checks and tests we needed at one go and at better value than many others in the market. 
Tommy & Jasmine – Auckland