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Annelies – Waitakere

Duane provided a very thorough inspection with an excellent report, including photographs. He was personable and professional. He also went the extra mile by giving advice on the day about what to do about some of the issues he had observed. All in all, I would highly recommend him.

Larissa – Auckland

Duane is a reliable and trustworthy guy. His building reports are thorough and detailed with clear photos used for specific evidence. I have learned a lot about what to look for when buying a house.

Martin – Auckland

I was impressed with the thorough nature of the building inspection and the timelines of the report that was prepared. The report included photographic evidence to support the report.

Anna – Waitakere

Very quick & efficient service. Detailed report & very helpful with questions over the phone (particularly important when you are on a different island). Highly recommended.

Michelle – Waitakere

Duane was very professional and thorough – the report was very well presented and clear.

Codey – Auckland

I was recommended to use Duane by a family friend, and I highly recommend Duane myself. His work is very thorough, and completed to a high standard. I even had the report back to me the evening of the following working day, as promised.

Warren – Waitakere

We asked for recommendations for a building inspector on our local suburb Facebook group. Almost all of the replies recommended Duane at A Buyers Choice Home Inspections. Well I was not disappointed. Duane was quick to set up a time that was convenient to me and the vendor. He was very thorough and gave us a detailed report with expected future maintenance and suggestions. We would recommend him to everyone wanting peace of mind when purchasing a home.

Gina-Marie – Auckland

Amazing service, very timely and willing to be flexible when the job is urgent. Excellent reporting and a thorough explanation of all items in the report. Not to mention the ongoing assistance after the inspection has been done to answer any questions. Would recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy, well priced and efficient service.

Kahu – Waitakere

This review is not only a reflection of my opinion but also the opinion and feedback from a number of different parties including a number of real estate agents, other builders/building inspectors and Geo thermal inspectors.

Duane is an absolute expert in his field. He is very diligent with an eye for detail. His work ethic is beyond satisfactory going the extra mile to provide precise details and evidence so that any other builder or contractor can read all key areas for concern without even visiting the property.

I believe Duane saved us from years full of unsuspected surprises and struggle. For this we have much to thank him for.

I wouldn’t go elsewhere. A master of his trade with exceptional care in taking every bit of time necessary. Although I know not standard we were fortunate enough to have him explain the details of the house to my partner while on site.